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Security Precautions

These have been put in place after studying the requirements prescribed by HIPAA. We have strived not only to follow it in letter but also in the true underlying spirit envisaged by HIPAA. 

The policy recognizes that its objective is not merely to comply with widely accepted rules and regulations but to actually prevent or minimize the risk of any client / patient related information from getting into the hands of any unauthorized person (s). 

1. All work is done in-house and no work is sub-contracted.

2. We require all our employees, including support staff to sign a binding confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

All personnel have access in and out of the office only after going through the security check at the reception where the system records the movement log.

All transcription related information passing through the internet is through a secure 128 bit SSL.

All servers have adequate firewall protection and the security measures are proactive, they go far beyond the firewalls.

Anti-virus software is in place on all systems and the definitions are updated regularly.

7. All systems are password protected and individuals are given file / directory access on a strictly “need to know “ basis.

All devices enabling copy of data / printing of information are disabled on all transcription systems.

All printouts taken for by authorized personnel for operational purposes are shredded after the requirement is finished.

Regular back-ups are taken and maintained offssite at a secure facility.

11. We have a fire protection system installed as per the prescribed guidelines.

12. 24x 7 security personnel ensure entry of only authorized personnel.

13. There is an internet access and email use policy in place which prevents transmission of any attachments / files from any of the transcription systems.

Regular evaluation meetings are held with the systems and administrative personnel by the top management to ensure compliance of the security policy.

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